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Birch & Bike is a lifestyle blog and a designer of unique, handcrafted goods made to last. Made in Oslo, Norway. Find out more! <meta name=”robots” content=”noodp”>
handcrafted goods, made in Norway,
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Birch & Bike is a maker based in Oslo, Norway. The main goal is to create unique, handcrafted goods with a soul. Timeless accessories and prints inspired by the crafters of the early 20th century, by natural and human made beauty.

  • The apothecary’s corner

    In my long journey of discovery of old traditions and herbalism, I bumped into a quite popular tree that during the late summer months is packed with orange/red berries. At this latitude you find it growing everywhere, but you rarely see people collecting its fruits......

  • This is what you get after following our spruce tips soda recipe - Mason glass with spruce tips soda

    Spruce tips soda recipe

    Soon it’s that time of the year during which we can collect spruce tips. Spruce tips can be used for a variety of purposes and have been known for centuries for their properties. You can add them to recipes, eat them row, add them to......

Behind the scenes

Hand stitching pony close up
Hammer and copper rivets
Carefully Selected Materials